Issue 11, December 2013
{ Artist Statement}
Michael Heston


Madame Adeleine gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy, who she named Finn. As a young boy Finn started to develop antlers. To protect her son from ridicule, Madame packed up their few possessions and traveled deep into the Scandinavian mountains. She eventually found an uninhabited clearing in the woods where they would live out their lives free from harm.

Their new habitat slowly became a sanctuary for the eccentric. Together this band of outsiders formed a circus, where anything is possible and everyone's accepted.

Where pigs fly.

Michael Heston is an emerging, self taught artist residing in Philadelphia. Influenced both by classic and urban art, his style fuses the line quality of art nouveau with the intensity of comic book art. Heston's work has always been inspired by nature and animals; but has more recently touched on pop culture. His paintings stem from the desire to create visually pleasing imagery that shares his perception of colors and how they interact.