Issue 11, December 2013
{ Brain Implant #3: Patterns}
by Kimiko Hahn
"Though still a long way from being tested in humans, the implant 

for the first time that a cognitive function can be improved with a device 

mimics the firing patterns of neurons." 

—Benedict Carey 


Karl von Frisch's study of "dance language" was related to bee 

SAT bubbles 

Wikipedia: an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that 

uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors .... 
[Symptoms] can be 

alienating and time consuming... 

From the French, patron 

Mac Call catalogs in Home Ec. 

She calls in sick most Thursdays. She splits her split ends. She pulls each 
blind down 

exactly half way. She must read the Airline Safety Instructions before 
takeoff. She must 

eat dryer sheets. 

Tessellation Penrose, Pongal, Koam, Fractal, Fern 

He zigzag-stitches infidelity throughout the marriage 


"Each individual has a pattern integrity," R. Buckminister Fuller 

The cold front forms in the wake of an extratropical cyclone. Fronting. 

fluctuation (Antonym)

Kimiko Hahn's forthcoming collection, Brain Fever, continues where Toxic Flora left off: poems triggered by rarified fields of science. She teaches in the MFA Program of Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College/CUNY.