Issue 11, December 2013
{ Mr. Simmons }
by Nin Andrews

Gil's daddy, Mr. Simmons, was almost never home when I played at Gil's house. When I asked what his daddy did and where he was, Gil said he as a historian, and that was why he was away. History, he explained, is something you have to search for. And you have to search not once, but many times. That's what the word "research" means: searching over and over again. His daddy hadn't found it yet, but when he did, he'd be real famous. And everyone would agree at last that the South should have won the War. And the North was to blame. I imagined his daddy coming home with a Confederate soldier in hand who could tell us things we didn't already know. Gil said there were loads of Confederate ghosts around because many of the dead were never buried. He said she could hear them at night. And their ghost dogs, too. Howling for everything they lost. And everything they wanted back again.

Nin Andrews is the author of six chapbooks, and five full-length collections. Her next book, WHY GOD IS A WOMAN, is forthcoming from BOA Editions.