Issue 11, December 2013
{ Turns of Mind}
by Kimiko Hahn
Five thousand black birds fall from the sky— 


not mid-fairytale but News at Six. Once established 

neither army test nor pesticide are at fault, 


the mind races for causative agents in case we are next. 


Ah. Did the flock soar into some Invisible Divide 

from another Dimension a la Twilight Zone? 


Did the flock cross an exacting God? 

A ranger suggests coincident firework explosions 


flushed the birds at such speed they crashed 


into buildings and power-lines and in fact 

 necropsies do disclose 


"blunt force trauma to brain and breast." 

Even so, since pyrotechnics are not sufficiently ominous 


the blogosphere keeps alive a quest for the fabulous. 

Kimiko Hahn's forthcoming collection, Brain Fever, continues where Toxic Flora left off: poems triggered by rarified fields of science. She teaches in the MFA Program of Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College/CUNY.