Do Not Resuscitate
Sebastian H. Paramo
If your heart stopped tonight
would you be ready to go diving 

into the black, 
or slow enough to say goodbye.

If the person you hold dear,
after discussing the pros & cons 

of domesticating our lives
turned to you once & said, if ever

I come close, don't let them 
keep me on. Unplug me. 

would you follow them too?
When a young bird falls—

writhing & weak, do you stare 
knowing nothing can be done, 

when the mother bird claws 
at you protecting the poor thing—

what will you decide if you can't do 
what your brother did.
Sebastian H. Paramo's poems have appeared in upstreet, The North American Review, Tampa Review Online, The McNeese Review, and other fine publications. He holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and serves as the editor-in-chief for the online journal, The Boiler. He has received a grant from the Vermont Studio Center and currently teaches creative writing for community organizations in Dallas.

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