friday february 13th, 2015
Kimberly Ann Southwick
from superheart

blank landscape the blue of the sky all i can see
out the window of the backseat of the car, i am
talking quietly, my ear to the top of our dog's soft head.
her breath is erratic; i am being positive—

my husband's attention covers the world
like paper, a thin sheet over everything
he is driving and watching us in the rearview
and when the cars in front of us brake and
he doesn't immediately, i think this would be
a stupid way to die, but he changes lanes
and two of us will again soon have normal 

mine is like light, a sun ray here, a lamp on there.
daylight, flashlight, streetlight, firelight, spotlight.
when we find out it isn't our fault she is dying,
there is unabashed relief. when we find out
she is dying the light
goes out the paper
lights up—

Kimberly Ann Southwick is the founder and editor in chief of the biannual print literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins. Her second poetry chapbook efs & vees comes out summer 2015 from Hyacinth Girl Press. Visit her online here, and follow her on twitter, too: @kimannjosouth

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