When the worship leader says
Joshua Huber
All right people, stand and get a little closer to Jesus
and sings
All the time you are good; God is good all
the time; all the time God is good
like la policia, like el jefe con pistola, con gran voz con "step
out of the car, please" con—we reap what we sow—bullets, cold dark jewels, con
wicked quick, la policia, wicked quick con bullets—yes plant them in these warm
dark bodies—si, niños negros, niños negros— niños
God is good all the time, all the time
We can grow such poppy-petaled fields—We
can Dorothy-dance them, drowsy lay our white
white cheeks—God—our white cheeks drowsy
our pink tongues—face to wet petals pooled
is good, is good, is good, is
We could reap like this, we could smile—smile
we could reap like this—red just
like rouge, my darlings, blood
like beauty, my darlings, O
my darling darlings, O my darlings
holy shit, shit, holy—a little closer to—holy shit—la policia, el
jefe—holy shit—con—Dios mío—a little closer con—Jesus—con grande pistola—My 
God—bocas rojas, con teeth, teeth—closer to—shark gleam—closer—con ojos, con 
—closer—with eyes like dark angels—like, All right people, stand a little closer to Jesus
Josh Huber lives in a super-adorable brick house in Columbia, MO with his wife Angela. He studies poetry in the Masters of English program at the University of Missouri, where he also teaches. His work has appeared in Dark MatterScissors & Spackle, and Logophile.