Dream Under Erasure
Maya Pindyck
I know now how I want
to die: easy—to fly
from the highest story
straight into the urban grid
of Tuscan grasses.

I’ll need to climb past the glass (a chair
will do), but first leave the recording of my last
words in a burned man’s hands—

“See you soon!”

Noa will be grown by then. No longer
scrunched scarlet when she cries,
twirling one fist in apocalyptic agitation, or rhythmic chant.

No longer lulling herself with a rippling hymn
for the ghost winking & clapping
in the tipped corner.
Maya Pindyck is the author of Emoticoncert (Four Way Books, 2016), Friend Among Stones (New Rivers Press, 2009), and a chapbook, Locket, Master (Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship, 2006). Also a visual artist and doctoral candidate at Columbia University's Teachers College, she lives and teaches in New York City. 

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