Spastic Cartography
Maya Pindyck
who knows
if it’s god or a knot of galaxies
webbed with roses that burst
onto the scene of your knuckle—

It’s true what they say
about all the marvels eating & shitting together
on some arbitrary plane of existence
as donkeys carry carpet slabs
on rough backs.

Your operatic crack
breaks to shudder. Your pupils search
my promise. I can’t stop trying to language you.

Let me leave
these traces on the nightstand

for the man who wanders out of a dream
to find the telling of the dream to a child.
Maya Pindyck is the author of Emoticoncert (Four Way Books, 2016), Friend Among Stones (New Rivers Press, 2009), and a chapbook, Locket, Master (Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship, 2006). Also a visual artist and doctoral candidate at Columbia University's Teachers College, she lives and teaches in New York City. 

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