Cindy Rinne
  One day sun split mountains,
  Clouds, sky as I would listen
  To the stones in my head
  Telling me the ancient stories

  At ten weeks
  Peaks and valleys
  Texture and become
  My fingerprints

  Fire jumped with plumes reaching high
  First born eight islands of Japan
  Ancestors of trees and fish
  Sun and moon also birthed –
  North, south, east, west, above & below
Cindy Rinne creates art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. Cindy is the author of several books-in 2017, Listen to the Codex (Yak Press) and Breathe In Daisy, Breathe Out Stones (FutureCycle Press). She is a founding member of PoetrIE, a literary community and a finalist for the 2016 Hillary Gravendyk Prize poetry book competition. Her poetry appeared or is forthcoming in The Honest Ulsterman (Northern Ireland), The Whirlwind Review, Birds Piled Loosely, CircleShow, Home Planet News, Outlook Springs, The Wild Word (Berlin), and others.

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