Bernadette McComish
  The opening in the ceiling
  looks like a cunt, like a sliced
  mouth that bleeds pipe water
  in the shower. This leak turns
  my skin green, it falls off like paint
  from wet plaster. The handyman never calls.

  The ceiling has separated from the wall
  and the paint peels and drips.
  I fill a vial with the dirty water
  drink it to remember the forest.

  When the witch appears to fix
  the bubbled sheetrock
  her spell stops the leak but not
  before the hole opens and melts
  her hands into green stumps;
  it’s more like war than a movie.

  I cover the damage with primer
  a fresh coat of eggshell
  but later, much later, it will stain
  yellow and crack again.
Bernadette McComish earned an MFA from Sarah Lawrence, and an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hunter. Her poems have appeared in The Cortland ReviewSunday Salon, Hakol, Hospital Drive, Slipstream, Storyscape, Rag Queen Periodical, Poetry Leaves, and she was a finalist for the New Millennium Writers 41st poetry prize. She teaches high school in Los Angeles, and performs with the Poetry Brothel, healing one John at a time with words and glitter. 

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