2006 Elida St.
Janelle Effiwatt
  Cups in the yard in the night
  stand, it’s been going like this
  for years.

  In the meantime we are space
  monkeys. They tell us to hit buttons, they
  give us bananas. They even shave our
  heads like little space helmets.

  Yes we can swim. We are beginning to need
  air again. None of that Black Santa uses
  front doors shit. I used to slip on it. We can't all sleep on it.

  Maybe we oughta be thirty by
  now. I notice the times I wear cotton blends
  I think about my mother often. Mother, I think of you often.

  Look at her. In the couch. She a pool
  girl. Don’t know what’s up with this messy ass weather. Lately
  my right knee can’t even live here anymore. Miserable
  little triad. Some computer Jesus.

Janelle Effiwatt is an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

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