Editor's Note

We don’t know and they won’t tell us.

Storyscape’s signature category, and one of the reasons why I love working for this journal, has developed a kind of ominous connotation. Unfortunately, Hila and I discovered this only after printing several T-shirts and tote bags and bringing them to AWP in D.C. People stopped at the bookfair, tugged at the corners of the totebags, and commented on how apt our slogan was given what was happening not far from the conference center. In the last year, our other categories have taken on a new shine as well. Truth, untruth, why are some stories put in one category and not the other? How does a category change a story’s meaning? Not only is the writing and art in this issue stunning, but much of it also looks at these questions with rigor and heart.

We’ve gone through a lot of changes this year as a journal. We’ve welcomed some great new editors: Jules Wood and Porscha Simmons. Julia Alter, Brett Pruyear, Samantha Duncan, and Emma Eisenberg are back for their second issue. They’ve all put in tons of work to make this journal great. We’ve said good-bye to Hila, whose growing family has just moved to Israel. I’ve moved myself (along with some ominous totebags) to Boston. One thing that’s remained the same, however, is our commitment to publishing the best work and supporting new voices.

Thanks for reading and being with Storyscape in the new year!