Mark my words, sugar
E. Kristin Anderson
  It’s still the singing, some sort of repair,          eight o’clock
  and so hard to believe      on her own.                Forever—
  like no time at all—     this gesture                 so automatic,
  flattened,               listening,                  awoke her appetite.
  She allowed herself crumbs,                       grimy and gone
  in deep mistrust.      So solemn,                 like a password,
  the seashell-murmur         of daytime           and rainwater
  singled out one full dark monster,    her last glimmerglow
  fading tarnished quicksilver                pressed to the sides
  of her mouth,        that lost castle     an agony, very much
  like the girl imagined:             fruitless.

This is an erasure poem. Source Material: King, Stephen. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. New York: Pocket, 1999. 75-78. Print.

E. Kristin Anderson is a poet, Prince fan, Starbucks connoisseur, and glitter enthusiast living in Austin, Texas. She is the co-editor of Dear Teen Me and her next anthology, Hysteria: Writing the female body, is forthcoming from Sable Books. She is currently working on Come as You Are, an anthology of writing on 90s pop culture with Anomalous Press. Kristin is the author of eight chapbooks of poetry including A Guide for the Practical Abductee (Red Bird Chapbooks), Pray, Pray, Pray: Poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night (Porkbelly Press), Fire in the Sky (Grey Book Press), We’re Doing Witchcraft (Hermeneutic Chaos Press), and 17 seventeen XVII (Grey Book Press). Kristin is an editor at Red Paint Hill and was formerly a poetry editor at Found Poetry Review. Once upon a time, she worked at The New Yorker. Find her online at and on twitter at @ek_anderson.

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