Jeni De La O
    for a couple of dollars
  	or	a 	slice	of	flan
  we can get an egg to fry
  and put on rice
  	dad	likes	that	late	at 	night
  after bikinghomeintherain.

  or malanga,	when	we	hear	his 	call,
  like an icecream man of	fruits and vegetables,
  mashed with	garlic,
  lots of butter	and	garlic,
  to fatten 	up	the	baby (!)

  he knows
  	how we—
  where we live.

(Jeni De La O) In 1932 winds carried a woman from Santiago to Jamaica and from Jamaica to Queens. She married and had a daughter, who had a daughter. In 1992 those same winds pushed that daughter's daughter from Miami to Michigan, where she writes poetry and short stories about warm waters and personal catastrophe.

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