Editor's Note

We all know that the way we tell stories, and what we choose to tell, determines more about us than we can ever really know. Looking at the stories that are circulating right now, I’ve can see how easy for our stories to be taken over and manipulated by other people, how easy it is for our true values to get lost in the hysterical frequencies of those who would have us work against ourselves. The way I’ve tried to keep my head during these times is to pay close and careful attention, and to find the particular quiet where I can stay with what is right and wrong.

So many of the pieces in Issue 20 of Storyscape work with this same expansive attention. Click on any piece, and you will find a story vibrating with its own intuitive heart. I feel truly lucky to get to present such a great issue, and hope that you enjoy reading.

Alyssa Songsiridej