Sims 2
Kathleen Radigan
Grandma Sim glimmered,
creased from laughing.

I sailed her through

the kitchen with a click,
blew rooms onto her house.

I gave her pant-suits,
a quaint ranch
with a pool and porch.
Her slippers swished.
She ribbed her kids
in gibberish.
Gestured with pruning shears.
Watched the news.
Woohooed her blank husband
atop a blue duvet.
I sliced off the roof to see.
Her yard a ghostly paradise of trees.

One day, I left my seat to make a snack.
When I got back, she was dead.
Splayed on the rug. Her pants unstained.
Her daughter screeched.

Her son knelt, muttering nothings.

Then they sat down in arm chairs,
awaiting instruction.
Kathleen Radigan holds degrees from Wesleyan University and Boston University. Her poems have been published in The Academy of American Poets, PANK, New Ohio Review and Carve Mag, among others. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and teaches high school students through a nonprofit.

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